Get rid of bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and other pests

The south of France is perfect for the sun: sunny terraces and outdoor spaces are essential to savor the pleasures of outdoor life! To benefit from your exterior, it is above all necessary to protect yourself and your surroundings.

Get rid of pests

You all know how pests can impact your idyllic holidays to make it a nightmare.

Whether you are a private owner in a villa in the Côte d’Azur, an estate manager in Marseille, a yacht supervisor in Nice or a director of an event company in Toulon, you are aware that calling a pest control company is the best guarantee of an efficient treatment.

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The region PACA

Bed bugs, pigeons, mosquitos, … just as many pests which enjoy the Mediterranean climate of our region PACA, especially in the Alpes-Maritimes, Var and Bouches-du-Rhône.
Established in 2000, certified ISO 9001 since 2004, Imago 3D, a company specialised in rat extermination, insect extermination and disinfection (3D), is on the best regional specialists in the prevention and pest control field.
Based in Nice and Aix, we have the capability to respond to all your demands related to pest control all around the region PACA.
With more than 6,000 intervention every year, our efficiency is guaranteed by contract. Each intervention lasts from 4 to 48 hours depending on the alert level.
How to get rid of pests ? By calling a specialised company expert in pest control!


Imago 3D offers solutions designed to your situation and your types of pest.

Mosquito control Service:

Mosquitos have the amazing ability to instantly transform a pleasant summer evening into a battlefield. Moreover, mosquito bites can lead to serious consequences on human health. A pest control company can avoid you this bad time.

Bed bugs:

Bed bugs are the example of pests that are hard to get rid of. Do not wait, use the service of a professional insect extermination company in order to permanently eliminate the problem.

Ants control Treatment:

Few isolated ants do not represent a threat … but in case of a serious invasion, these crawling insects are seen as a real health risk. We have the knowledge and the savoir-faire to intervene quickly and effectively.

Fight against wasps and hornets:

You are struggling with a wasps or hornets swarm? You are afraid of the presence of Asian hornets? You want to find a solution against wasps proliferating around your swimming pool? Do not take any risk: use the service of a professional insect extermination company to get rid once and for all of all these flying insects.

Termites control treatment:

You are suffering of the presence of termites or other wood insects? We are offering you preventive and/or curative treatments and looking after the security of people and the protection of goods (wood and wood structure).

Pigeon control treatment:

You are affected by problems caused by the presence of pigeons? Our company of pigeon control intervenes in the Var, Alpes-Maritimes and Bouches-du-Rhône. Our services to fight pigeons are designed to your problematic. They can combine mechanic solutions, control of population and scare (natural or artificial).

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